Mary's Candles, Inc.


Mary's Candles Inc. was founded in 1989 by it's namesake, Mary Smitherman, a lifetime candle enthusiast, and husband Clyde Smitherman, a former meat broker for Malone & Hyde. Mary started making candles in a 12 foot by 24 foot building in their backyard in Monroe, Louisiana, as a hobby. She was making candles for family and friends but when the word of her amazing candles started spreading around town, she decided to start selling at trade shows and arts & crafts fairs around the ArkLaMiss and Texas. In as little as five years, they were moving the small mom and pop operation into a larger building in West Monroe, Louisiana to keep up with growing demand. Business was steadily picking up, with Mary overseeing production and retail, and Clyde, who's past business experience was imperative in getting their foot in the door at some major stores, handled the sales and distribution, things were moving in the right direction. They were able to get in Brookshire's, Super 1 Foods, and select Walmart stores, among others. When the time came that they needed help to keep things running smoothly, their local family was happy to join the team! Mary's Candles Inc. is still family owned and operated to this day!

We pride ourselves in making high quality candles while keeping the cost to our customers reasonable! Our candles are handmade and long burning! By using only the best of raw materials, including ZINC WICKS, our candles are among the premier candles in the industry! We have a staff of amazing men and women who work hard to make sure these candles continue to adhere to the high standard that Mary built this business on many years ago!


Thus our company slogan......